In the fur industry, millions of innocent fur bearing animals are slaughtered senselessly, and do not have a voice of their own to defend their rights. This is why caring activists against fur work to educate, engage and spread the word about the horrors of the fur trade, where animals are solely viewed as commodities from which to make profit.


Fur Free SA takes action in many ways through:  social media, interviews, the media, letters, e-mail campaigns, petitions, protest action, pressure on governments.


By making people aware of the cruelties suffered in the fur trade we are working towards ending the suffering of millions of animals, and ensuring that there are proper animal-protection laws in place worldwide.


Wherever possible, FFSA collaborates with other organisations and will promote international fur free campaigns.


We all share a collective goal i.e. to ultimately end the global fut trade.


We are the voice for the voiceless!

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