Fur Free South Africa educates the public about the horrific global fur trade, in all its forms

Fur Free SA raises awareness about the fur industry, in all its forms

About Fur Free South Africa



Fur Free South Africa (FFSA) was founded in 2009 and is a dedicated to the elimination of the global trade in animal fur products.


We work in association with Beauty Without Cruelty SA, the International Anti-Fur Coalition and other organisations to end the global exploitation of fur bearing animals. 

Animal fur products are sold in South Africa and FFSA educates the public about how fur items are manufactured so that consumers can make an informed choice. We believe that no compassionate person would buy fur products once they know the horrific facts of fur production. 


In the fur industry millions of fur bearing animals including dogs and cats are subjected to horrendous atrocities. Countries with inadequate animal protection laws, skin rabbits, dogs and cats - often alive - for their fur. In order to circumvent laws in countries that ban the trade in dog and cat fur, these items are mislabeled as synthetic. Fur trim is often labelled as faux fur when it is actually animal fur. 


The functions of FFSA


1. FFSA raises awareness about different aspects of fur production by:


  • debunking the myth that animal fur is a status symbol. We do this through demonstrations, social media, anti-fur leaflets, petitions, articles in the media, etc.

  • communicating directly with retailers selling authentic fur products. 

  • urging caring people everywhere never to buy any item containing  fur, even items labelled "faux" or by other names.

  • informing consumers about the cruel practices in fur production; and that the origin assured label misleads the public that animal fur can be humanely sourced.

  • circulating all undercover investigations exposing the shocking conditions in which animals live and die on fur farms.

  • requesting that consumers boycott retailers that sell animal fur items.

  • informing retailers about the facts of fur production and request that they refrain from importing and selling items containing animal fur.


2. To investigate mislabeling and false advertising of fur products by:


  • responding to all queries from consumers.

  • keeping the public informed when and where mislabeling / false advertising occurs.

  • corresponding verbally or through letters with retailers that might intentionally or inadvertently be mislabeling authentic fur items as fake or by another name.

  • contacting retailers guilty of misleading the public in the hope that it was an oversight by these retailers.


3. Raise awareness around pet toys and trinkets that are mislabeled by:


  • laboratory testing these items.

  • approaching importers/retailers selling these items.

  • educating the public about fur trinkets.                                                                                                                                                                                    

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         4. Fur Free SA aims to lobby for:


  • large retailers to go publicly fur free.

  • the change of legislation around fur trade.








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