Wear Your Own Skin

Wear Your Own Skin



As part of the global anti-fur movement, Fur Free South Africa (FFSA) campaigns for a world free of animal fur products. We work in association with Beauty Without Cruelty SA, the International Anti-Fur Coalition and other animal rights organisations.

Animal fur is found in a range of products sold in South Africa. These include  luxury garments, accessories, fur trim, novelty toys and pet toys. FFSA educates consumers and retailers about all the aspects of the horrific fur trade, as well as investigating instances of mislabeling and false advertising. We try follow up on   all fur related queries. When necessary FFSA gets fur laboratory tested.


To raise awareness, FFSA distributes leaflets, holds public protests and does educational displays. To receive up-to-date news on fur matters follow us on    social media facebook.com/FurFreeSA/ 

All support is most appreciated. If you would like to sponsor FFSA in any way please contact us at emyfurfree@gmail.com











Please add your name to this petition where you will find more information about the Namibian seal massacre:  https://bit.ly/2YdAnPm



Despite what the fur industry wants consumers to believe,  there is NO such thing as humane fur production. 

There are many links in the fur supply chain. Live animals are farmed or trapped solely to be skinned for their furs. After chemical processing,   these skins are sold at auction houses. Brokers from around the world attend fur auctions and buy on behalf of their furrier clients, dealers or merchants. Fur items are then supplied to retailers. Fashion designers, models and celebrities play a big role in portraying fur garments as desirable to consumers.

Fur Free SA believes that anyone who knowingly supports the fur market in any way is responsible for the cruelty inflicted onto to fur bearing animals. In this age of the internet, ignorance is no excuse. 






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